Sekhon Hospital - Treatment without operations & Steroids.
Sekhon Hospital is situated in ludhiana that is know to treat patients with back pain, cervical pain, knee joint pain and various other kinds of joint problems without using any steriods and operation. We just give herbal products to our patients that have negligible side efects. We just treat by giving acupressure and recommend some excercises for neck, back etc. We are serving our people from the last 20 years. Our aim is to treat and ensure the good health of the patient rather than just grasping money at the cost of his health. We believe in saving each one of you from the operation as you all are aware of its complications.

Our Specialty:
We treat our patients without any operations. And keep patients away from any kind of steroids. By GOD’s grace we treat our patients only with doing massages & acupressure to secure one’s future.
About Dr. M.S. Sekhon
Dr. Manmohan Singh is a General Physician. They are the specialist of Spine and are discovering spine related problems and providing the best treatments of spine related problems such as: back pain, cervical, knee joint problems and any other kinds of joint pain problems.
What We Do at Sekhon Hospital ?
The best treatment for each patient must be based on an accurate diagnosis. Treatment must also be based on scientific evidence, not marketing on television or in news magazines. At Sekhon Hospital, we pride ourselves on making correct and complete analysis of problem and then offering our patients the most effective treatment for their unique problems. We are using massage techniques in our treatments. We avoid operations and steroids in our treatments.
Result:   There is no such patient who did not get relief.