About Dr.Manmohan Singh Sekhon
Dr. Manmohan Singh Sekhon is a General Physician. They are the specialist of Spine and discovering spine related problems and providing the best treatments of spine related problems such as: back pain, cervical, knee joint problems and any other kinds of joint pain problems.

Their goal is to provide the most efficient treatment options to individuals suffering from disorders of the spine. According to their words “All spine-related problems can be treated safely and efficiently without any operation and steroid.”

Dr. Manmohan Singh Sekhon has treated thousands of patients with conditions ranging from whiplash to sports injuries to herniated discs to headaches.

They are offering Free Treatment for Financially Poor patients at their Sekhon Hospital.

                                                Live a healthy and fruitful life!

You can also put forward any of your questions to sekhonhospital@gmail.com
Or you can contact on phone no. 098725-71313